Toilet Paper Manufacturers

Types of Toilet papers

Classic Economy Toilet Paper is fabricated from cautiously decided on white tissue paper. Each sheet carries gentle layers of tissue with appealing embossing. Available in two different sizes, 8 and 12 rolls. Classic Toilet Paper is a product designed for the entire family. The large affordable packaging containing 12 rolls is an economical solution, especially for large family.

Deluxe Soft Virgin 2 ply this is a gentle and absorbent Double Ply Toilet Paper that gives a luxurious sense at a less costly price. This deluxe Double Ply Toilet Paper is good to be used in restrooms, schools, shopping centres, and any public facilities. It is laminated, extra high absorbency, luxury and strength obviously. It is offered in 350 Sheets and 200 Sheets. Embossing enhances hand feel and maximum absorbency, long lasting rolls minimizing your maintenance costs while maximizing service.

Ultra- Soft Virgin with 500 sheet counts, the 1ply virgin roll, Ultra Soft, is not only soft, but it lasts longer. It is not made from recycled materials and it is not super strong compared to other tissue type, but doesn’t rip easily and it is not scratchy. Compared to Deluxe Soft Virgin, ultra-soft virgin leaves less lint behind. High water absorbency, ease of use and sanitary and it also reduces waste and it is environment friendly.